Experiences from the Past Three Weeks

From these past three weeks, I had a lot of wonderful experiences. I loved how much I learned over these three weeks. One unforgettable experience was getting to use the Arduinos. I loved how we got hands on experience in wiring a little mini computer. Also, getting to work with other people in class exposed me to different ways of programming. Aside from classwork though, I really liked playing poker with my friends and playing the online game, town of salem, with my friend Ling. This camp was lots of fun and I liked it a lot. Thank you!

Computer History Museum

Yesterday our class visited the Computer History Museum. It was really interesting seeing how different decades of technology are so different from today’s technology. I found the video game section most interesting. We also saw the Google self driving car! Here are some screen shots.

image (5)

image (4) image (3) image (2) image image (6)

Bret Victor

The other day Bret Victor visited our class and performed a presentation. It was really interesting! I was so glad that he came. He showed us a program he made where you can program programs within it. It automatically compiled and showed you the result of the program as you coded. I thought it was a really great way to code and he really inspired me. Thank you Mr. Victor!


On Friday our class decided to play around with our recently recieved Arduino kits. I used Arduino to make flash lights in a variety of different ways. Here are the screen shots!
photo 4
photo 1
photo 2
photo 3

Circles based on their distance

I made a program the other day using processing to make circles where their diameter is based on their on their distance from one circle. Here’s a screen shot.

Final Project Prototype

I have decided that I will make a little interactive game for my final project. The prototype would have you choose the food an animal eats and if you get it correct you proceed with the game. You try to get the highest score in it and you have a total of five lives in the beginning. If you get the food wrong or if you don’t answer what food the animal eats in the allotted time you lose a life. As the game proceeds less time will be available to the player. People will learn from this experience what foods animals eat. My design would best fit in the biology section of the Exploratorium because it teaches about what foods animals eat. Here’s a little diagram that explains how it works.

There will be art instead of blank pieces of text. I cannot find an existing system similar to this.

Final Project

Today I decided on what final project I want to do for my class. I decided that the three topics I want to work on are for loops, color theory, and boolean algebra. For loops is a loop where a piece of code is repeated until a certain requirement is met. Something is declared at the beginning of the loop (usually an integer) and with each loop something is changed to an integer (usually the integer declared at the beginning). Color theory is used declare an object’s color in a program. Color theory consists of three integers, one for red, one for green, and one for blue. The three colors indicated by each integer are then blended by the computer to display the color decided. Finally, boolean algebra is used by computers to decide something as true or false. This is usually determined by the program to label a class or by the computer based on an action indicated in the program. I decided to pick all three because I am pretty comfortable with all three topics due to past experience in all of these fields.